Nicolas Ghesquière Looks to the Future for Louis Vuitton’s Utopian Cruise 2022 Collection

Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière presented a playful and positive frame of mind for the brand’s Cruise 2022 collection, using pops of color, futuristic shapes, and exaggerated silhouettes to explore the sensation of limitless freedoms. The digital presentation was set against Axe Majeur, and featured models walking down the monumental “Ile Astronomique” sculpture, ascending to the heavenly mirrored floors of the “Le Douze Colonnes”, which created cloud-like imagery and conveyed a sense of grandiosity. The mise-en-scène represents the innate desire for human exploration and an optimistic view of what the future has in store for the human spirit. Details such as exaggerated brooches, pointed shoes, colour mosaics, and large bubble chains created a futuristic aesthetic that aligns with the optimistic utopia that Ghesquière strived to create within this collection, fostering a sense of excitement about the post-pandemic world and the limitless potential it has to offer.

View the gallery for a look at the atmosphere, and our top looks from Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2022 collection. The full show can be seen in the video below.