The Four Names You Need to Know Now

Fact: there is no shortage of talent trying to make their mark in the ever-revolving industry of fashion, and we can’t deny we have a few favourites. We spoke with – and photographed – the four designers that you need to know now.


A shared passion for textile manipulation brought Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk together to produce elegant pieces using innovative processing techniques. “The world is saturated—it feels almost impossible to create a new silhouette—so for us, it’s about how things are assembled. That’s what makes it new.”



Offering versatile essentials, celebrity-favourite design duo Tania Martins and Mona Koochek encourage women to experiment with pieces in their collection by layering, mixing, and matching.“Being a contemporary fashion brand means designing good-looking clothes that will stand the test of time, while being comfortable and accessible for women everywhere.”

Markoo 2


Challenging the strict gender and body-conscious mindset in fashion, Lithuanian-born Vejas Kraszewski’s eponymous line strives to provoke change through non-normative designs. Most recently, Vejas was nominated for the highly sought-after 2016 LVMH Prize. “Clothing is genderless. It’s the business that separates clothing into binary categories of male and female. A pair of pants is a pair of pants, so I think more of the shape of the body than gender when designing.”


Rosetta Getty

With an interest in creating effortless staples in luxurious fabrics, Rosetta Getty flawlessly bridges the gap between evening wear and day wear. “Wearable luxury clothing is important to contemporary design. I like the idea of reimagining classic, timeless pieces in a modern context—that’s contemporary to me.”

Rosetta Getty

Photography by Sarah Blais; model: Nola (Elite Model Management); styling by Stacy L. Troke; hair and makeup by Jodi Urichuk (Plutino Group) for MAC Cosmetics and Kevin Murphy.