Nadia Gohar and Maya Fuhr Visit Coco Chanel’s Apartment

S/ had the opportunity revisit Mademoiselle Coco CHANEL’s residence with painter/sculptor Nadia Gohar and photographer Maya Fuhr, as they admire the empowering energy of the iconic home. Discover the fascinating history that lies within the walls of 31 Rue Cambon, where the heart of the brand began, through the eyes of two artists as they tour through the historic Parisian apartment.

Nadia rests on the Chanel-designed suede couch, where famed guests once sat
Custom made chandeliers in every room in ode to the healing power of crystals
Details on Nadia’s white-on-white ensemble
A closer look at the signature Leo lion seen throughout the apartment
The angelic white chair where Coco was photographed many times
The dining room table decorated with more Venetian Leo lions
Quilted sofa cousins that inspired the classic CHANEL textured bag
Gold sculpted accents pieces to signify love, luck, and prosperity

Photography courtesy of Maya Fuhr featuring Nadia Gohar.
Tour courtesy of CHANEL.