CHANEL’s Métiers D’art: An Intimate Look with Nadia Gohar and Maya Fuhr

CHANEL’s legendary Paris atelier, Métiers d’Art, is home to the house’s exceptional handcrafted embroidery, feathers, footwear, and iconic camellia flowers. Witness the magic and exquisite craftsmanship with a closer look at the workshop in action through the eyes of Nadia Gohar and Maya Fuhr as they discover the finesse and precision behind the brand.

Pleated scrap silk rolls
Garments in the works
Thread stocks that weave into the iconic tweed jackets
Sculpted and painted by hand of course
Feathers made entirely by hand in the Lemarié Atelier
Work station within the embroidery room at the Lessage Atelier
Nadia in front of camellia flower archives

Photography and video courtesy of Maya Fuhr featuring Nadia Gohar.
Tour courtesy of CHANEL.