Louis Vuitton Travels Through the Ages for Spring/Summer 2022

Traversing epochs with an acute savoir-faire, Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2022 womenswear collection is another high concept outing from creative director Nicolas Ghesquière. Billed as “le grand bal of Time”, the ensuing 44 looks combined 21st-century streetwear, opera-ready formalism, and 17th-century decadence, resulting in an idiosyncratic wardrobe fit for brave aesthetes. Panniers made multiple appearances throughout—however, when paired with open-toe gladiator boots, they were grounded in a more contemporary means of sartorial expression. Other stylistic clashes include a pair of jeans worn underneath an intricately embroidered slip dress, as well as an oversized lacquered technical puffer coat styled over top of a monarch-sized ruffled collared shirt. Ornate eyewear resembled intricate mask coverings seen at a ball, but with a more sinister edge. Placing his designs in a narrative framework, Ghesquière likens his patchwork aesthetic to “a vampire who travels through the ages, adapting to dress codes of the era,” a fitting allegory for a daringly decadent collection.

View the gallery for our favourite looks from the collection.