Alexander McQueen’s Latest Tread Slick Series Shown in Meaningful Environments

In the latest of the Tread Slick series by Alexander McQueen, six photographers from all over the world were asked to shoot the iconic boot in an environment holding a special meaning to them. This series initially launched in 2020 with the Spring/Summer pre-collection – consisting of the Tread Boot with its thick rubber soles and leather uppers – and acted as a way to encourage collaboration between photographers and the brand. With McQueen’s encouragement to take inspiration from their personal milieus, a cascading array of thought-provoking images was produced. Elements of nature are encompassed through placements and tonality throughout the series, uniting the viewer with the location of the images. The infrangible spirit of the Maison’s signature Tread Boot is captured in black and white with heavy contrast and playful light along with vivid colours entertaining perspective and form. In essence, the newest Tread Slick series is about the innate simplicity of the strength found in nature and its boundless ability to inspire.

View the gallery to see the perspective through the six photographers.