Newlyweds, Laurence Fortin-Côté and Dylan Wu, Form Stronger Bonds with the Tiffany Lock Collection


“As cliché as it sounds, we both knew from early on that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together,” says digital content creator, Laurence Fortin-Côté. “We didn’t have too much in common but it was easy to see that we had a similar outlook on life.”

The rest, as they say, is history for the 29-year-old and her now-husband, 34-year-old Dylan Wu. The couple, who tied the knot earlier this year in Quebec City, says the connection they share is the most special part about their relationship.

“More often than not, [we’re] on the same page with each other,” Wu says. “From what we should have for dinner to what we should be doing in five years.”

The Tiffany Lock Collection is a bold and modern representation of the interconnectedness and trust built in relationships. Inspired by a padlock—which has been a recurring motif since the 1880s—the collection has evolved to meet the ever-changing nature of the style zeitgeist. But it has remained consistent in its ability to serve as a visual homage to the unbreakable bonds that connect us all in love.

“Tiffany is a timeless and classic heritage brand with such a strong visual code that still feels modern, relevant, and personal,” Fortin-Côté and Wu share.

In Tiffany Lock, the couple finds their cherished connection reflected back at them as each new design is an infinite expression of love, and represents the comfort of safeguarded memories. Fortin-Côté says she’s especially drawn to the Tiffany Lock Bangle.

“[It’s] really something special. It has a heft and weight to it, yet a very elegant closure that keeps it sleek.”

Any item from the Lock collection—which includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings—is the perfect way to remind a loved one of just how much you care and value them. Fortin-Côté calls out the Tiffany Lock Earrings as a great gifting item for just about anybody.

“The Lock earrings put a great spin on a classic gold hoop that would complement anyone’s jewellery collection.” she explains. “[And these] pieces last forever and can be passed down from one generation to another, which is what makes jewellery so special to give as a gift.”