The Ties That Bind: Discover Tiffany’s Love and Engagement Collection with Toronto newlyweds Laurence Fortin-Côté and Dylan Wu


“For us, Tiffany is really the epitome of classic jewellery,” says newlyweds Laurence Fortin-Cóté and Dylan Wu. “It carries heritage and savoir-faire which are some of the things we value the most when it comes to jewellery.”

The couple, who recently exchanged vows in Quebec City on a private estate, met in 2017 at a cafe.

“I really admire Laurence’s ability to define what she wants in life and make [it] happen. It’s a combination of drive, passion, and confidence that really inspires me to dream big with her,” Wu shares.

While Fortin-Cóté says she loves her husband’s calming presence. “He is the most patient person I’ve ever met and seems to easily adapt to all kinds of changes. It comforts me to be around him and makes me feel at home no matter where we are together.”

In its Love and Engagement Collection, Tiffany & Co. perfectly exemplifies Fortin-Côté and Wu’s beautiful connection, refined style, and creative virtuosity. Founded by visionary entrepreneur, Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837, the brand first gained notoriety by procuring the rarest and most extraordinary gemstones. Then in 1886, Tiffany created his most iconic style yet—the engagement ring as we know it today.

Now almost two centuries later, the brand is still synonymous with timeless elegance, innovative design, fine craftsmanship, and creative excellence. And its much-expanded Love and Engagement offering continues to set the standard for beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands.

The Tiffany difference is clear. Each ring is responsibly sourced and treated with extreme care—in fact, a Tiffany diamond is looked at as many as 1,690 times from rough stone to final polish. And its Diamond Craft Journey ensures that from the moment a diamond is unearthed to the time it finds its forever on the perfect finger, the highest standards and practices are maintained.

“I love that the brand carries heritage but feels very modern at the same time. Each piece is very unique and creative in its design while maintaining the classic signature of the brand,” Fortin-Côté shares.

And with the gift-giving of the holiday season right around the corner, the 29-year-old digital content creator reveals that her favourite gifts to give are the ones that are personal and considered.

“I like to put a lot of thought into gifts and ensure there is a personal element whether it’s a shared memory or something I took note of that they would like,” says Fortin-Côté.

And in those ways, a gift from Tiffany is the perfect choice.

“I think Tiffany pieces are the perfect representation of [a] feeling stuck in time forever, especially when they are tied to something as special as an engagement and marriage,” says Fortin-Cóté. “The jewellery takes the meaning and significance of a specific moment in time and that feeling will last as a memory forever.”