Julia Roberts Dazzles in Chopard’s New Feel-Good Campaign

Chopard unveils new campaign on the International Day of Happiness starring brand global ambassador Julia Roberts. As the face of the Happy Sport and Happy Diamonds collections since 2021, Julia Roberts expands her partnership with the Maison as the new muse of all women’s watch and jewellery collections.

Julia Roberts in Chopard Alpine Eagle/ Ice Cube ©Picture by Alasdair McLellan for Chopard.

The Chopard Loves Cinema campaign celebrates the special bond between Chopard and Julia Roberts by combining their shared love of cinema. Consisting of 12 video clips orchestrated by James Gray and campaign visuals by photographer Alasdair McLellan, the latest campaign perfectly captures the Joie de Vivre and feel-good spirit of Chopard embodied by Julia Roberts’ sunny disposition and playfulness. The campaign exhibits the radiant energy and unshakeable confidence that Chopard jewellery and watches symbolize.

“We are revealing a new facet of our identity, the Feel-Good vibe: the self-confidence instilled by Chopard jewellery or watches, reverberating in the air and infusing the entire surrounding universe with positive energy.” explains Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director.

Julia Roberts in Chopard Happy Hearts ©Picture by Alasdair McLellan for Chopard.

To celebrate the International Day of Happiness and launch of the new campaign, Julia Roberts shares her favourite feel-good moments, places, and things.

What is your Feel-Good moment in Cannes?

“The first time I was there, running late and racing down the hallway. Somebody was still sewing me into my dress, so we were all running down the hallway to the elevator and somebody was sewing away. And I just thought ‘it’s so classic.’ It was a ‘Cannes’-do moment.”

Your Feel-Good party?

“A Feel-Good party is my birthday party, as my husband always organises some fun birthday parties for me.”

Your Feel-Good movie?

The Philadelphia Story starring Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart and Cary Grant.”

Your Feel-Good surprise?

“I think any time friends turn up from out of town is always a good surprise.”

Your Feel-Good City?

“Paris is the ‘city of lights’ and I have some very good friends that live in Paris, so it always makes me happy to see them. Plus my very best friend is Parisian.”

Your Feel-Good value?

“The greatest single value that we can share with each other is compassion.”

A Chopard Feel-Good value?

“I think that for a luxury house like Chopard to be leading the way in being such a champion of sustainability in this line of work is pretty impressive.”

Your Feel-Good memory?

“Feel-Good memory? I’m not telling you!”

Your Feel-Good music?

“Across the board, what always makes you feel good is the Beatles.”

What makes you happy?

“My family. My friends. My health.”

Do you celebrate the day of happiness?

“Every day to me is international happiness day, Global Happiness Day.”