Inside Fendi’s Lingerie-Inspired Haute Couture Collection

FENDI Artistic Director of Couture and Womenswear, Kim Jones had a clear vision for the brand’s latest Haute Couture collection. “This season, I wanted to concentrate on the techniques and craft of couture, with the lightness, fluidity, and attitude of today,” says Jones. “It’s a celebration of the ateliers and the craftspeople who realize these garments, the intense work and emotional commitment to each piece that exists for both maker and wearer, and how the intimate traditions of the couture are both living and breathing. The collection is an inner world made into an external one—both figuratively and literally—with a sense of underwear becoming eveningwear.”

A dreamy parade of pastel and metallic floral appliqué eveningwear made its way down the runway lit up in changing colours. Elements of lingerie can be found woven throughout the collection and its many gowns. Exposed bralettes and straps finished off some designs, and others were embellished with touches of fine lace and sheer gauzy materials which left a little something to the imagination. In accessories, chainmail gloves offered a bit of edge to more feminine looks as did drop and hoop earrings that came as a set in dramatically different sizes.

View the gallery for our top looks, the stunning details, and the celebrities in attendance.