Helmut Lang’s Taxi Collection Goes Global

In 1998, iconic fashion designer, Helmut Lang, moved his life and brand from Vienna to New York. In one of the most competitive fashion markets in the world, it was essential for Lang to pioneer a marketing strategy in order for his business to stand out. In a city  made up of mostly commuters, Lang seized a unique opportunity and became the first fashion designer to advertise his brand on the top of yellow New York taxis.

Fast-forward to 2017, and the brand reprised Lang’s vision and posted hundreds of ads on the top of New York taxis, and released a limited-edition taxi-inspired collection of t-shirts and hoodies. This summer, the Taxi Program is back with an extended range inspired by five of the most cultural hubs: New York, Hong Kong, London, Paris and Tokyo. Each city has their own reimagined taxi logo.

To showcase the vibrant role that taxi drivers play, the brand commissioned one young photographer in each of the five cities to shoot the campaign photographs for the collection.

View the gallery and explore the Global Taxi Project campaign.

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