Haute Couture Fashion Week Diary: Day 3 and 4

Sahar Nooraei here, reporting from Paris for Fall 2017 Haute Couture Fashion Week.

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July 5th, 2017

While it’s technically Haute Couture Week, many brands hold showroom visits for their latest collections. Case in point: Louis Vuitton. I made my way over to their office on Rue du Louvre to view their latest cruise collection, which showed in Kyoto, Japan this past May. Walking into the space, my eyes start to wander excitedly. No one executes a trouser as well as Nicolas Ghesquière—his blunt tailoring is enviable. I particularly love the highly animated accessories done in collaboration with Japanese artist, Kansai Yamamoto, who frequently collaborated with David Bowie. Another standout had to be the cowboy boots—they meant business!

It’s a very warm day in Paris today. I opt for my Issey Miyake Pleats Please dress, which ceases to wrinkle no matter how poorly I fold it. I head to Jean Paul Gaultier, and by now, I’ve become a bit more laid back on arriving on time. All the shows I’ve attended start about 30 minutes after the invitation time, which is great given the terrible traffic in the city. What I’ve loved this season (and past seasons) is seeing parents bringing their kids to the shows. Whether or not the babysitter was off sick, it’s a great education and treat to see modern artistry at this level—all in all, those kids are lucky! The lights dim and the curtain opens to the tune of French Christmas carols—or what I perceived to be Christmas carols. Swiss Alps-ready knits, correction, Swiss Alps-ready, Haute Couture knits, bold pinstripe suiting—JPG’s specialty and signature—come down the runway, modelled by towering models (probably the tallest I’ve seen this week).

It was clear that JPG was excited about the arrival of winter. The names of the looks were quite cheeky this season: Anna Winter, Lady Gla Gla, Gstaad The Way It Is, and Robe in Hood. No explanation necessary. I seem to have developed a bit of an obsession for crimson Haute Couture. My favourite look was the hooded red gown with the contrasting black belt—very Grace Jones à la Dangerously Yours. The finale was quite magical: Coco Rocha cycling down the runway looking all winter wonderland-like. Check out the quick snap on our Instagram here.

I rush to ‎Place Vendôme for Louis Vuitton’s high jewellery presentation—my Uber takes forever! Had to take a photo of their office; I was really drawn to the art work in the waiting area. Louis Vuitton’s latest high jewellery collection, Conquêtes, celebrates women who are self-assured and conquering, and brings together the maison’s two symbolic motifs, the monogram flower and the V, for the first time.

Off to Hotel Potocki, where Zuhair Murad will show his latest Haute Couture collection. The stairs leading up to the ballroom were awe-inspiring. How is this real life? I suppose if you live in Paris, all the buildings start blending together—it’ll never be normal for me! I take my seat and chat with a journalist and a photographer from New York. Chit-chat quickly turned to politics, and we remarked on how pleasant it was to be in Paris. I’m always thrilled when I’m seated close to the pit, where the photographers who document the show stand. Their hustle for a good photo makes our jobs as editors, journalists, and stylists much easier. Without them documenting the shows it would be very difficult to get things done.

For his latest collection, Zuhair Murad, took inspiration from the Gibson Girl, a key figure in the late 19th century. The opening look modelled by Sara Sampaio, like many after it, was incredibly intricate—something Zuhair Murad is famous for. The collection featured luxurious textures and textiles: ostrich feathers, adorned hemlines, embroidered sequins, and pleated tulle. Simply gorgeous!


July 6th, 2017

After answering a slew of e-mails on zero caffeine and terrible takeout, I head toward Rue Danielle Casanova to L’École des Arts Joailliers, where the latest Van Cleef & Arpels high jewellery collection is displayed. The collection titled Le Secret explores the beautiful possibilities of the secret setting. The Labyrinthe Ring was a personal standout. It was equal parts modern and art deco. When you look it, your eye is instantly drawn to the twists and turns of the onyx and diamonds—looks like a maze!

As the appointments and shows draw to a close and the cab hopping comes to an end, it’s important to treat oneself to some rest and relaxation. Enter: La Maison Dr. Hauschka, tucked away in a discreet building on Rue de Charonne. It’s ideal for someone who wants to get away from the hotel spa scene. Don’t get me wrong, I love a big spa, but I was in search of somewhere more intimate. Upon entering, I’m greeted by gentle and caring staff. I’m scheduled for the classic Dr. Hauschka face care treatment, Plénitude. What I gathered from the esthetician’s brief is that there’s no extraction—yes!

The two-hour treatment starts with the cleansing and massaging of the feet, legs, arms and face. This was exactly how I wanted to end my day! The most important part of the treatment is the lymphatic stimulation, done entirely by hand and soft brushes, and intended to rid the skin of impurities and bring it back to it’s best condition. The rhythm of the esthetician’s hands reminded me of the facial exercises and massaging my dad used to do—I was confused by it all as a kid, but now I get why he looks so young! I’ve never felt this relaxed during a face treatment. I dosed off a few times and went off to dreamland. All in all, I highly recommend this spa after a jam-packed fashion week!