Diary of a Fashion Editor: Haute Couture Fashion Week, Day 1

Sahar Nooraei here, reporting from Paris for Spring 2017 Haute Couture Fashion Week.

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January 23rd, 2017

I’ve been in Paris for two nights now, staying in the most magnificent flat in the 2nd arrondissement–there is an actual harp in my room. I don’t play, but have to say it’s certainly a great sight to wake up to. While I’ve only been staying here for a short time, I’m constantly finding new details about the apartment to fawn over. I’m still not sure about the woman hanging above my bed–been sending her my blessings and good vibes–don’t haunt me s’il vous plait.




7:30AM I’ve been waking up quite easily given the time difference. Last night I had a wonderful feast with the Chanel Canada team at Ferdi, a small restaurant on Rue du Mont Thabor. Getting a reservation here is supposedly quite hard and must be done far in advance and through text. I’ve always felt more comfortable in restaurants that are small in size. You’re shoulder to shoulder with other people and quickly become acquainted whether you like it or not. The decor is incredible–stuffed animals all lined up in a row, toy cars–there wasn’t a square inch in the restaurant that was not decorated. Our delicious order included croquettes, ceviche, burgers, mac and cheese–and we ended the evening with churros. Luckily and surprisingly I did not feel stuffed after the meal!




9:45AM Time to get ready for the first show of the week: Schiaparelli. Last time I was in Paris, the weather was a bit more friendly when it came to fashion show apparel. This time, i’ve stuck to a clean uniform. I’ve been wearing my royal blue Rodier turtleneck to death lately–the colour is wonderful and it’s incredibly warm. The walk to Place Vendôme is just 6 minutes from where I’m staying and given I have a little extra time, I head to my local boulangerie, Le Moulin de la Vierge, for a café crème and almond croissant.



11:00AM  I’ve arrived at 21 Place Vendôme for the Schiaparelli Haute Couture presentation. Many of the ateliers and designers who show during Haute Couture fashion week often put on two back-to-back presentations. The result? A very relaxed, chaos-free and intimate viewing. I take my seat–I’m always relieved when my name is spelled correctly–thank you Schiaparelli team! I scan through the mood board and mission statement for the Chinoiserie at heart collection, which includes references and nods to Guy Bourdin and Jean Cocteau, as well as Japanese kimonos and Chinese hanfus.


Elsa Schiaparelli


11:20AM As the music starts, the chatter amongst editors, stylists and friends of the atelier come to an end. The opening look emerges–an incredible ivory cape with padlock, sun and Ursa Major motifs. The looks that follow were incredibly rich in colour–this pink gown–Schiaparelli’s signature colour–is a match for a Guy Bourdin shoot. My favourite look was this golden brocade suit embroidered with a coral heart.  As a big, forever fan of David Bowie, any indirect or direct reference to his incomparable style wins me over.




1:30PM After a short break at my flat–I needed to retrieve my scarf as it’s incredibly cold in Paris–I return to Place Vendôme , where I head to Chanel to preview the latest High Jewellery collection titled Coco Avant Chanel. The collection focuses on Gabrielle Chanel’s time as a milliner and divided into mini collections that pay tribute to the different women in her life who inspired her. Immediately I feel the need for sunglasses as I look at the latest offering–the diamonds are truly blinding. My favourite pieces included the incredibly impressive Jeanne fan and Gabrielle Chanel necklace that has this amazing hinged detailing on the back that gives it a floating effect when you wear it.

Chanel High Jewellery_

Chanel_High Jewellery


3:00PM Closing time. I head back to my flat for a disco nap and later get ready for another spontaneous evening out.