Step Into the Future with Coperni and PUMA

In the realm of collaborative sneaker design, Coperni and PUMA break the mould with their groundbreaking creation—the 90SQR. PUMA’s Global Creative Director, Heiko Desens, sheds light on the shoe’s unique approach, stating, “From a material standpoint, it’s strictly performance. We stayed very close to the material specifications of performance boots. The square toe is the strongest design feature that takes it out of the athletic world because it’s such a classic shape and it represents a high-fashion shoe.”

In a departure from the usual sneaker collaborations that overlay logos on existing designs, Coperni has undertaken a revolutionary approach. They’ve ingeniously transformed PUMA’s FUTURE football boot into a square-toed sneaker, drawing inspiration from ballet flats. Taking the balletcore trend to the next level, the 90SQR stands out for its aesthetic appeal and technical brilliance, infusing elegance and innovation into the sneaker scene.

The campaign visuals, captured by artist Paul Kooiker, further emphasize the structural beauty of the 90SQR which is designed in three core colourways White, Asphalt and Mad Yellow. The imagery seen here elegantly portrays the shoe’s movement against the natural contours of the human body, showcasing a work of art that seamlessly blends innovation, fashion, and performance.

To mark the exciting collaboration release at Paris Fashion Week, a festive event unfolded at FVTVR, the city’s latest super-club. Approximately 1000 guests reveled in an evening of music, courtesy of renowned French music producer and DJ, Miss Kittin, along with u.r.trax and clara3000. The collaborative launch not only set the stage for an extraordinary week but also demonstrated the resonance and impact of Coperni’s innovative designs in the fashion landscape.

View the gallery below for an inside look at the evening.

The PUMA x Coperni 90SQR is available at selected retailers and puma.com.