Coachtopia is the Latest Collaboratively Sustainable Initiative in Fashion

Coach has launched a new sustainability initiative under the sub-brand Coachtopia, a circular sector of Coach that will focus on reducing production waste and introducing community building collaboration in design. 

Taking accountability for the products they produce, Coach has given a second chance to over 20,000 of its luxury products since the launch of Coach (Re)Loved in 2021. Since then, they have taken this initiative further by committing to the goal of a circular future, and Coachtopia is the next step in achieving that goal. 

With the goal of reaching a fully circular system in craft, Coach has launched Coachtopia in the US, Canada, and the UK with plans to expand into Asia soon. 

Working with its community to design and launch products that can change the standard of fashion, Coachtopia works hand in hand with artists, creators, activists, and journalists with sustainability focused initiatives. 

The launch campaign paid tribute to its new and growing community, featuring nine Gen-Z talents, as well as Coachtopia Designer Trey Denis, and Coachtopia Master Craftsperson Mauricio Alvarado. The campaign video is directed by filmmaker Adrien Lagier with accompanying images shot by photographer Remi Ferrante.

To assure sustainable accountability and consistency, Coach follows the Made Circular™ principles when designing and producing products for Coachtopia—crafting with recycled or renewable materials, designing products for multiple lives, and creating circular pathways for customers. 

A circular ethos begins in the design stage, favouring innovative materials and techniques. Upcrafted leather is fashioned from scraps, recycled resin is created from plastic waste, and weaving and finishing techniques are used to assemble products by hand.

Coachtopia products can be returned to Coach at any time, in any condition—the customer will receive store credit for the value of the item as an incentive to participate in the circular fashion system. Products also receive digital passports to track its journey and material usage. 

Designing a product to live multiple lives is no easy task. In considering every stage of a product’s life, designers must consider assembly, the disassembly process, and innovative ways to give material new life. Created to be traceable, the digital passport provides customers with transparency into materials, environmental impact, and history of the product’s life. 

By expanding their customer range and appealing to a younger generation with forward thinking values, Coach moves to position themselves as the brand for luxury sustainability, going above and beyond the standard of sustainability in luxury accountability.

The debut Coachtopia Collection includes handbags, small leather goods, accessories, shoes, and clothing made from entirely sustainably conscious and traceable materials.

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