Check Out Olivia Palermo’s Latest Collection with Chelsea28

Nordstrom is on a roll. With only nine days until the store’s Toronto Eaton Centre opening, the retailer is keeping busy with the launch of a third Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28 collection. The collaboration, which brings together Palermo and the house brand Chelsea28, is available online, as well as in-store at Nordstrom’s Vancouver and Calgary locations, and Toronto’s soon-to-be-opened flagship store.

Keep reading to hear what the style icon herself has to say about the partnership, her design process, and her favourite piece.

OP C28 2

S/ magazine: How did your partnership with Chelsea28 come about?
Olivia Palermo: I had been considering doing a clothing collaboration, but, as with any partnership, it has to be the right match. Nordstrom has a wonderful reputation as one of the most respected retailers in the US and growing up I enjoyed visiting their well-curated stores. [The retailer] approached me in 2015 and everything felt right to me because I admire their approach to business.

S/: Looking back on your first two collections with Chelsea28, how have you evolved as a designer?
OP: You can never stop learning, which is why collaborations are so much fun. I see things differently now, as a designer—I think about how clothing will feel on the body more now than I did before.

S/: Can you tell us about your design process?
OP: I worked with the design team at Nordstrom Product Group and it was very collaborative. We met often to discuss my ideas and make them come to life, and we were lucky that in every meeting we had similar ideas about what we liked and didn’t like.

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S/: What inspired this collection?
OP: It was a bit of a mix. We wanted to continue to play with styles that layer or mix and match easily according to [the wearer’s] personal taste. We definitely continued with the ’70s feel of the spring collection but added fall colours and elements like tie necklines that you can play with in different ways to create a retro or modern feel.

S/: What pieces from the collection are on your fall essentials list?
OP: I really like the flannel cropped trouser and matching blazer. There is a tone of the burgundy in the fabric that I love, so I would add accessories to accent that colour. I also like the idea of adding in a velvet texture.

S/: If you had to pick one piece from the collection what would it be?
OP: I love the tailored menswear suit look! I love the navy suspenders. You could wear them up or down and they’re also detachable. You can also play with the proportions because they work with flats or heels for a more elongated look.

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S/: How has your personal style evolved since your first collection?
OP: I don’t think I have changed much. I will say that I have a deeper appreciation for rich fabrics.

S/ There’s both masculine tailoring and feminine separates in the fall collection. What are your tips on incorporating both into your wardrobe?
OP: We loved pairing light, romantic elements like ruffles and lace with edgy leather or menswear-inspired tailored pieces. Materials like chiffon have a lot of movement and add an extra-pretty element to balance the menswear styles.