Backstage With Erin Wasson at CHANEL’s Cruise 2024/2025 Show in Marseille

Set inside Le Corbusier’s iconic Unité d’habitation—designated a world heritage site by Unesco in 2016—CHANEL’s Cruise 2024/2025 collection was a true fusion of the brand’s Parisian roots and Marseille’s bohemian and coastal spirit. In addition to friends of the house, and ambassadors such as Lily Rose Depp and Marion Cotillard, the show was attended by creatives integral to the city’s growing food and arts scene, including Erin Wasson. We caught up with the Marseille-based model and designer after the show to chat about CHANEL’s latest cruise collection, what drew her to Marseille, and how the city reminds her of her home state Texas.

What did you think about the show?

“I think it lended itself to the spirit of Marseille. What we saw today was slightly more casual, laid back, which is the energy of Marseille. There’s a nonchalant energy here in the city, which I think translated well. And to be in this beautiful, incredible progressive building to see the show is really ties into the whole narrative, which is really nice.”

Which looks resonated with you?

“There was the two piece denim, and I also loved the last look with the flowers around the shoulders and the arms.”

Why do you feel Marseille was such a good fit for this collection?

“Marseille is really important to France. And you’re looking at CHANEL being one of the most, if not the most important French house. And I think, when we speak about French history and culture, with it being a port city and the amalgamation of the cultures here since the beginning of time, I think there’s always been sort of an enigma around Marseille. There is a mysticism here. It’s beautiful, it’s honest, it’s sincere, but it’s wild.”

I read you describe Marseille as honest in a recent Instagram post.

“It’s really interesting being from Texas, and when I first came to Marseille, about seven and a half years ago, I was like, ‘oh, the people here are kind of like Texans.’ What you see is what you get. The honesty stems from just being really clear, and people loving their city and having a real pride. And I think that all lends to a feeling of truth and honesty.”

What is a perfect day in Marseille for you?

“You take a friend’s boat and go out to a beautiful cove. I mean, there’s so many different versions. Just find a rock, some friends, food, and sun. There’s nothing better.”

Photo courtesy of CHANEL.