Alexander McQueen Launches Alluring Film for its Jewelled Satchel Bag

To celebrate its iconic Jewelled Satchel, Alexander McQueen has created a film that embodies the brand’s captivating edge and distinct design features. The gothic ambiance is brought to life by filmmaker Sophie Muller and features musician Lucia Fairfull, who is seen exploring The Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow, Scotland. The video is reminiscent of a 1930’s film noir, with its aura of mystery and suspense as Fairfull walks down a dark alleyway, her dark figure shadowed by the street lights behind her. The Jewelled Satchel, which features a silver metal four-ring closure and quintessential, crystal-studded skull, is showcased throughout the film as Fairfull clutches it closely, becoming the alluring centrepiece of this concept video. 

The film is the first in a series that will continue into 2023, with each project depicting a different character that manifests creative director Sarah Burton’s perception of the McQueen woman. The rawness of the Fairfull’s femme fatale archetype amplifies the appeal of the black embossed crocodile Jewelled Satchel, delivering a feeling of both excitement and danger that is familiar to the McQueen oeuvre.