How Well Kept Co-Owner Natalie Farrell is Innovating The Shaving Industry

For Natalie Farrell, co-owner of well kept, environmental consciousness is paramount. When heeding an inherent entrepreneurial aspiration, Farrell and her partner Emilie Johnson were quick to agree on entering the sustainable goods market but were trying to decipher their particular niche. However, upon discovering that over 2 billion disposable razors are discarded annually—entering the proverbial abyss of a landfill or encroaching on aquatic environments—the two pledged to offer an alternative to this disturbingly ubiquitous habit. Years of product development and an unyielding vision eventually materialized in well kept, a company offering eco-friendly shaving tools and accessories.

well kept - refined women's essentials

A safety razor fashioned from a weighty brass is the hero product of their offerings, designed to withstand a lifetime in a bathroom medicine cabinet. Using a single, double-edged blade that is also recyclable, the product contains far less waste than a traditional shaving apparatus with a built-in expiration date of a handful of uses. Additionally, the company sells a chic blade bank to dispose of used safety razor blades, which can be sent back to the well kept offices to be responsibly recycled, who will then provide a replacement bank.

well kept - refined women's essentials
Safety Razor Kit Cream, well kept, $132.

While many women are accustomed to the disposable option, adopting a safety razor is less daunting than one might assume. Beginning with the agave exfoliating cloth, Farrell recommends, slowly soften the skin for a smoother glide. Afterwards, apply the shaving soap—which lathers to a substance similar to shaving cream—or the all-natural shave oil, and gently glide across the follicle in the direction the hair grows to ensure less irritation. There is no need to apply additional pressure, allow the weighty feel of the razor to guide your motion. If you opt to use the shaving soap, follow with the luxuriously nourishing oil as a post-shave treatment.

well kept - refined women's essentials

Based out of Vancouver, each item sold by the company is manufactured directly in Canada—with the exception of the agave exfoliating cloth, which is responsibly sourced and crafted in Mexico. This insistence on utilizing national resources showcases what makes small businesses so vital, especially in a time of great financial constraints for non-corporatized operations.

well kept - refined women's essentials
Agave Exfoliating Cloth, well kept, $16.

Opting for a razor from well kept has the ability to impact the country both economically and ecologically, and now is the time to invest in bolstering Canada during a pivotal turning point.  

well kept is available at thedetoxmarket.com.