Behind The Scenes: How to Achieve Janice Alida’s ’80s-Inspired Beauty Look

When it came to creating Janice Alida‘s beauty look for our Winter 2021 fashion shoot, Julie Cusson, CHANEL’s national makeup artist for Canada, opted for a modern take on ’80s glam. Here, Cusson shares everything you need to know to prep, hydrate, and devise a bold beauty look this season.

chanel julie cusson
Julie Cusson: image courtesy of CHANEL.

How would you best describe the beauty direction for this shoot? 

“My intention was to create a makeup look with a sense of seduction and edge. To me, using black around the eyes would have been too predictable, which is why I chose deep plum, deep pink, and deep red shades instead. I feel the result is strong and elegant—nothing too classic but truly modern.”

What are the three hero products you used to create Janice Alida’s beauty look? 

“Using Les 4 Ombres in shade 362 Candeur et Provocation, I swept dark pink on the upper eyelid and deep plum under the eyes. With Le Liner de CHANEL in shade 516 Rouge Noir and the deep black-red shade, I used the tightline technique, which is a makeup technique where the liner or eye pencil is applied right under the upper lash line, and beside each lash, dots are made. I completed the look with Joues Contraste in shade 320 Rouge Profond as blush.

Les 4 Ombres in shade 362 Candeur et Provocation, $70; Le Liner de CHANEL in shade 516 Rouge Noir, $45; Joues Contraste in shade 320 Rouge Profond, $55, available at all CHANEL Beauty Counters and chanel.com

Janice Alida’s complexion is the perfect blend of dewey and matte. How did you achieve this balance? 

“I prepped Janice Alida’s skin with Sublimage L’Extrait de Nuit—a powerful serum made to apply with different steps of facial massage and worn as a night serum. I intentionally used it that day because I knew this serum would give Janice’s skin a plump, smooth texture, and would recharge her skin—especially since she flew on a redeye from B.C. Then I used a foundation that also contains a serum formula, Sublimage L’Essence de Teint

Sublime L’Essence De Teint, $210, available at all CHANEL Beauty Counters and chanel.com

“The smooth matte effect is provided by the fact that I did not use a rich cream or an illuminating cream or primer. The dewy finish is achieved by the foundation and I also only partially powdered some areas of Janice’s features: her forehead, chin, under her eyes but not her entire face.”

We love the 80-inspired cheekbones. What’s the best way to recreate this element with a modern spin? 

“First, the modern spin is obvious by the choice of a rich deep red colour for a blush. Secondly, to obtain the 80s vibe, the technique is to extend the blush colour to the temples and slightly make it reach the eyes.”

chanel julie cusson

Now that we’re moving into winter and the holiday season, what are some ways we can prep our skin to pull off a strong beauty look like Janice’s in this shoot? 

“As I mentioned previously, the efficiency of skincare products is primary, but we should also be educated on facial massage techniques. Under the skin, we have multiple muscles and the microcirculation needs to be stimulated. We train our body, so why should we not also train our face? We need to release our skin from stress and activate the skin to get toned and plumped for good tightening results. 

“By stretching your skin, then smoothing it with your fingers and stopping the movement for 3 seconds, the different parts of your face (forehead, eyelids, temple, cheeks, nose to the ears, corner of the lips, neck—always with an upward motion—and jaw line) you liberate tension and revitalize your skin naturally. For most of us, our routine is already full in the morning. This ritual is ideal before night time! This way, when you wake up the next morning your skin has already started to regenerate and by adding a morning skin care routine your makeup look will be a joy to achieve.”

What is one product everyone should have in their beauty bag this winter?  

“We should always have in our beauty bag a face mist! A spray that energizes, hydrates the skin. I recommend the Hydra Beauty Essence Mist.”

Hydra Beauty Essence Mist, $90, available at all CHANEL Beauty Counters and chanel.com

Photography by Royal Gilbert
Model: Janice Alisa at Lizbell Agency
Fashion Direction by Sahar Nooraei
Hair and Makeup by Julie Cusson For Chanel
Special Thanks to Wells Auto
Post-Production: Vallali