Ruby Benson and Steph Verschuren Capture the Essence of Rome with Valentino Born in Roma Green Stravaganza


Scent is known as the sense most tied to memories—certain fragrances can help capture, savour and preserve a moment in time.

For Toronto couple Ruby Benson and Steph Verschuren, fragrance is woven into the heart of their love story, starting with the first bouquet of flowers given to Benson.

“Ever since the beginning of our relationship, Steph has made it a habit to gift me flowers, whether it’s for an occasion or ‘just because’,” said Benson. “The smell of fresh florals will always remind me of him walking through the door with a beautifully crafted bouquet that he’s handmade for me.”

Through their years together, they’ve grown both individually and together, balancing one another out and creating these little moments of magic between them. It’s no surprise that the duo has found this same balance with their chosen fragrances.

Valentino Born in Roma Green Stravaganza captures the romantic essence of Rome, transporting wearers to a vibrant morning in the city, with the energy of a new day full of potential ahead.

The refreshing top note of green tea in Valentino Born in Roma Green Stravaganza Donna offers an awakening of senses, giving way for the gentle heart of jasmine—a favourite of Benson’s, given her love of florals—and a smoky vanilla finish.

Much like Verschuren’s personality complements Benson, Valentino Born in Roma Green Stravaganza Uomo offers the more masculine notes of zesty and bright Calabrian bergamot heart, rich coffee, and a base of warm, woody vetiver heart essence.

The offering of masculine and feminine scents allows the wearer to embrace their uniqueness and choose their own adventure each day, with Benson saying she’s drawn both to sweet florals and earthy, woody tones.

“Scent is an intimate expression of our individuality. Just as no two individuals are the same, the same can be said about scent,” said Benson and Verschuren. Separately, these fragrances standout for their uniqueness; together, they are a perfect blend of masculine and feminine.