8 Blushes to Usher in Spring

If I‘m being honest, blush is my absolute favourite makeup product. Without it, I feel ghostly pale. With it, my look is complete. Depending on its placement, blush can elongate the face, accentuate your favourite features, give you a flushed look, or enhance a dewy glow. It’s also versatile. If you’re looking to streamline your routine, you can swipe it across the lids as an eyeshadow, or on the lips for a subtle tint. Bush is also an easy way to transition your winter look into a spring one. Here’s a list of blushes that will become your new go-to, multi-purpose beauty product, and help you usher in the new season.


Dew Blush, Saie, $35 at sephora.com.

My spring shade pick: Peachy, the perfect blend of dusty pink and light orange for a subtle sun-kissed glow.

Liquid Blush, Rare Beauty, $32 at sephora.com.

My spring shade pick: Grateful, a true red with a satin finish that’s the perfect addition to a bold look.

Flush Balm, Merit, $41.

My spring shade pick: Stockholm, a true baby pink, created in a light formulation that’s perfect for layering.

Cream Blush, REFY, $27 at sephora.com.

My spring shade pick: Cherry, a warm yet soft deep red shade with hints of purple and mauve.

Blush, Nars, $44 at sephora.com

My spring shade pick: Orgasm, a best-selling peachy pink hue with a subtle shimmer.


Rosy Glow, Dior, $55 at sephora.com.

My spring shade pick: Rosewood, a soft rose that’s universally flattering.

Joues Contraste Powder Blush, CHANEL, $66.

My spring shade pick: Foschia Rosa, a bright shade of pink with touches of red and orange.

Shade And Illuminate Blush Duo, Tom Ford, $128 at sephora.com.

My spring shade pick: Brazen Rose, a soft pink and pink shimmer duo.