Sephora Canada Takes The 15 Percent Pledge

Sephora Canada has announced their partnership with the Fifteen Percent Pledge, dedicating 25% of all brand offerings to BIPOC-owned companies by 2026 in an effort to eliminate racial inequality and promote representation within the beauty industry. This pledge is fuelled by a desire for diversification, as 22.3% of Canadians identify as people of colour, and yet that percentage is not consistently displayed across the company’s various product categories. Sephora Canada is currently sitting at a 12% BIPOC brand representation, with projections estimating an increase to 15% by 2022, and 25% by 2026. Senior Vice President of Merchandising Jane Nugent states that “ensuring greater representation within our prestige beauty brand offering that is reflective of Canada’s rich diversity is central to our mission of creating a more inclusive retail experience and sense of belonging for all”.  This focus on variety not only aligns with Canada’s growing diversity, but also allows for BIPOC creators and businesses to have a greater opportunity to thrive within the previously skewed and cutthroat beauty market.  Furthermore, the company has announced the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Council, helping to identify solutions and facilitate greater change within the company, while also holding members accountable to propel this initiative forward. Sephora’s “long standing company values of championing diversity, inclusivity, and inspiring fearlessness” are mirrored in this pledge, as visibility becomes increasingly paramount in the modern beauty market.