Queer Eye Star Jonathan Van Ness on Becoming the Face of Biossance

Jonathan Van Ness, or JVN as his legions of adoring followers have come to know him as, was chosen as the face of beauty brand Biossance, using his charmingly effervescent persona to promote responsible and clean skincare to the masses. The market has seen a boom over the last decade, as consumers have become more conscious of toxic ingredients—both for one’s skin and the environment—in an attempt to amplify nature’s remedial qualities. Biossance has claimed an integral stake in this booming industry, fortifying a line of targeted products that help maintain a gleaming appearance, while taking into account environmental fragility as a result of humankind’s increasingly irreversible carbon footprint.

When revealing why he accepted this endorsement opportunity, JVN admits “Biossance’s approach to highly effective but sustainable processes inspires me in every way.” He goes on to note how “their team is always looking for ways to reduce their imprint while improving the quality of their products. I love the idea that we are always trying to improve and we are never done learning, so a company that is always striving to make the best products they can for people and doesn’t harm the environment in the process is the type of relationship I want in skincare and haircare in my career.”

Jonathan Van Ness biossance

This opportune partnership also resonates more personally with the Queer Eye star, stating that “Biossance has decided to hire an openly gay, HIV-positive, gender queer, non-binary person such as myself to be the face of their brand, that just shows how diverse and accepting the team really is.” The advertising and promotional landscape of a decade prior would never have championed someone so openly outside of a heteronormative, cookie-cutter aesthetic commonly used to target a mass audience. Instead, as he is quick to point out, Biossance celebrates all aspects of his identity, which are seen as invaluable assets.

JVN’s admiration for Biossance is perfectly reflected in his inability to choose just one item to highlight as his favourite. “The whole line gives me life!” he enthusiastically admits. Before bedtime, he loves to apply the Elderberry Jelly Cleanser and the new Squalene + BHA Pore Minimizing Toner since it “does the job super quick and leaves my skin feeling nourished and ready for rest.” He goes on to list the Marine Algae Eye Cream, Peptide Eye Gel, Omega Repair Cream, and the Vitamin C Rose Oil as essential steps in his regimen. Throughout the interview, he continually uses the word “our” when speaking about the products, showcasing a truly interconnected relationship between spokesperson and brand, which goes beyond a mere exposure-generating boost for both parties—it’s a breath of fresh air.