Mei Pang is Social Media’s Experimental Makeup Artist Du Jour

From graphic liner to full glam, Toronto-based influencer and self-taught makeup artist Mei Pang—@meicrosoft as she is known on social media—is using her body as a canvas to showcase her creative side through eccentric looks. A first-generation Canadian who grew up just outside of Toronto, Pang has made a splash online after her unparalleled makeup looks, shaved head, and striking symmetrical tattoos caught the attention of Instagram and TikTok users alike. Challenging conventional aesthetics, Pang is serving up daring looks that are sure to inspire all who come across her social media profiles. One of her recent endeavours includes a collaboration with Montréal-based ethically sourced lingerie brand Blush, featuring timeless staples from bralettes to bodysuits. We recently caught up with Pang to get an inside look at her creative process, how she became immersed in the social media beauty community and her collaboration with Blush.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you became a prominent figure in the social media beauty community?

“My name is Mei—it’s pronounced like the month—and I am a first-generation Canadian with my family coming from Malaysia. All in all, I’m just a simple woman with a shaved head and symmetrical tattoos who likes to paint herself like a clown. I originally started my Instagram just to keep in touch with my friends and family. When I shaved my head and started collecting tattoos, that’s when I started to gain a following. I started posting my makeup looks a couple of years ago. What started as a simple cut crease, or a winged liner turned into avant-garde, full colour, high-impact, bold artistry and now, here we are!”

With a background in drawing & painting, how have those skills helped you transition into the world of makeup? Was it your background in art that ultimately pushed you to experiment with another medium?

“I went to OCAD for drawing and painting, however, I realized that it wasn’t my lifelong passion. I realized that my skills in painting translated over to makeup, so I essentially changed canvases from paper to my face! One of my favourite classes in art university was colour theory so I started experimenting with different colour combinations on my face and I’ve been obsessed ever since.”

Where do you draw inspiration from for your eye-catching looks?

“My friends in the beauty community. Without their motivation, innovation, and style, I wouldn’t be able to practice new techniques and explore different areas of beauty. Beyond them, I look for inspiration in graphic design, fashion prints, and nature to inspire both colour and line work.”

Is there any advice that you have for those who wish to break into creative industries, more specifically makeup artistry?

“Try everything once! You’ll never know what you can do and what style you love the most without trying something new. Don’t be afraid to experiment! At the end of the day, makeup washes off. Surround yourself with like-minded artists who will inspire and uplift you. Don’t get caught up in the numbers, take mental breaks when needed, and if the makeup look doesn’t work out for the day, there’s always tomorrow.”

What are three makeup products you couldn’t live without?

Charlotte Tilbury’s GlowGasm Wand in Pinkgasm, Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb, and NYX’s Epic Ink Liner

What has helped keep you motivated to continue creating content over the past year while being in lockdown?

“Being at home has taught me the importance of taking a break. Before lockdown, I was a very ‘if my body and mind doesn’t feel rundown by the end of day, I did something wrong’ kind of person. Now with all this time to myself, I’ve learned how to recharge, take time for myself, while also realizing that not every moment is ‘social media worthy.’ With all that in mind, I’ve had so much time to experiment with new makeup styles and that motivates me to keep pushing my artistry further!”

How did your collaboration with Blush Lingerie come about? What inspired you to create such timeless and chic pieces with the brand?

“I have worn Blush Lingerie for a year before they reached out to me. They are Montreal-based, ethically sourced and manufactured, and all-in-all super comfortable for everyday wear. They called me one day asking if I was open to the idea of collaborating with them and I almost cried out of excitement. I was involved throughout the entire process, from curating mood boards, picking out fabrics, designing the pouch, and final touches.

I’m a huge believer of doing whatever you want as long as you’re confident and cozy. Although I look quite ‘out there,’ I’m so comfortable in my body and I want other people to feel that way as well. I wanted to create pieces that will withstand the test of time and that will never go out of style. I always wanted the collection to be accessible with no restricting bands, underwire, and has stretch so it forms to the body. I’m so proud of the collection and seeing other people love it as much as I do—it makes my heart melt.”