CHANEL’s Spring 2024 Makeup Collection Dives Deep Into a World of Blue

“Blue is the window to the soul,” says Valentina Li, a world-renowned makeup artists best known for her science fiction and manga-inspired work, who recently joined CHANEL’s Comètes Collective.

United by the conviction that the freedom to be and become yourself in all your richness, complexity, and nuance is the true essence of beauty, the Comètes Collective is working in collaboration with the French brand to shape the future of the industry.

As the first artist of the Collective to create a collection for CHANEL, Li chose to re-explore a well she has continuously drawn from both professionally and personally.

“Water has been my inspiration for years,” she explains. “I remember the first time I saw rain when I was a child. I kept asking questions about the colour of the water: why is the ocean blue and the river green? In doing so, I discovered that water and light are magical makers of colour.”

Across Li’s 12-piece spring collection, you’ll find shimmering blue-toned hues expressed in various forms: in the Lumière de L’Océan pearlescent highlighter, Les Ombres Rivage eyeshadow palette, Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner, and Le Vernis nail polish.

But you’ll also find contrasting coral shades that, when worn together, create an unexpected but alluring sense of balance. Lilac pinks, fuchsias, sparkling golds, and shades of orange are used in lipsticks, nail polish, and most excitingly, in a reimagined version of CHANEL’s best-selling Baume Essentiel highlighter.

“Water is the source of everything, including us,” Li explains. “The appeal of my collection lies in the mystery of the colour blue, its connection to us, and the way it endlessly surprises us. I want everyone to really be able to feel that.”

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