Carolina Herrera Launches Good Girl Blush Elixir

Good girls, get ready. Carolina Herrera, the beauty house world-renowned for its seductive perfumes unveils a new iteration of its beloved Good Girl Blush. Through a sensual blend of rose, vanilla, and smoky patchouli, the new Good Girl Blush Elixir is as mysterious as it is inviting. The Givaudan perfumers, who created the scent, share more about the perfume and their inspiration.

What was your source of inspiration for this specific scent?

“Our creative mission was to work within the boundaries of Blush – to maintain its DNA – and inject a new accord that tales a new story.

We always imagined that patchouli could bring something amazing to the original Good Girl Blush Eau de Parfum. We kept this idea in mind while composing Blush Elixir and made the dream come true by choosing a very sophisticated and attractive patchouli as a heart component.”

Good Girl Blush Elixir is described as sweet but sensual. How important is balance when you’re creating a scent and how do you achieve it?

“After you find your inspiration, the balance within the fragrance is achieved with a lot of back and forth to optimize the cohesion between the top, heart and base notes. This sometimes feels like fine-tuning but it is crucial to the fundamental balance of the note, [and] to get to the final perfect endpoint.”

What are three words that you would use to describe the Good Girl Blush Elixir?

“Ultra-feminine, sensual and daring.”

Good Girl Blush Elixir, Carolina Herrera, $221 at sephora.com.

The Carolina Herrera perfume bottles are so recognizable. How important is the design of the bottle to the overall experience?

“Having such an original and disruptive bottle was a touch of genius. It was very aspirational, inspirational and certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. It really pushed the boundaries, in term of bottle design, in this sometimes conservative market. So yes, [the bottle is] extremely important to the experience and it definitely contributes to the success of Good Girl.”

How do you create fragrances that are going to stand the test of time?

“This is a very difficult question because you never really know what is going to be a success or what is actually going to stay in the market. You have to stay true to yourself, believe in what you’re creating, and don’t follow fashion.”

What kind of person would enjoy Good Girl Blush Elixir as their signature scent?

“Good Girl Blush is blooming and powdery, made for feminine and delicate ladies, where its Elixir version is more of a blooming overdose. It’s decadent, a little self-indulgent and more of a sensual experience for the senses. It’s more daring and elevates the statement and story of Good Girl.”