CHANEL Beauty Studio Opens At Holt Renfrew’s Bloor Street Flagship

CHANEL’s foray into the luxury cosmetics industry has been wildly successful, extending the global reach for a brand whose incalculable influence remains unwavering. Taking to Toronto’s Holt Renfrew flagship on Bloor, CHANEL has installed its first Beauty Studio in Canada, establishing a hub for devotees and casual consumers alike to indulge in a unique retail experience. The space is flanked by an illuminated wall displaying iconic CHANEL cosmetics, where their recognizable silhouettes create a monochromatic effect akin to pixels on a digitized screen. Shoppers are encouraged to explore the brand’s vast range of aesthetic fineries at the Beauty Creative Table, which offers new collections, a plethora of shades, and various other products. Furthermore, CHANEL’s experts will handpick makeup and skincare options to illuminate their clients’ unique beauty, a tailor-made service that reaffirms the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Images courtesy of CHANEL.