Get Your Softest Skin Yet with These Body Scrubs and Exfoliators

Skincare is notorious for focusing on the face. But what falls below the neck is just as important. Just like with your complexion, regularly exfoliating your body can help to smooth rough and bumpy skin, and get rid of stubborn ingrown hairs. Whether you prefer a scrub, which will help to physically slough away dead skin, a chemical exfoliator that uses exfoliating acids like AHA to rejuvenate the skin, or a combination of both, implementing body care into your routine will help you achieve smooth, supple. glowing skin. Here are our favourites.

Slather Body Serum, Topicals, $40.

Brown Sugar Body Polish Exfoliator, fresh, $93.

Body Scrub with Upcycled Olive Seed Powder, Youth To The People, $57.

Cleansing Scalp & Body Sugar Scrub, OUAI, $57.

ExfoliKate Resurfacing Body Scrub, Kate Somerville, $76.

The Body Exfoliator, NĂ©cessaire, $40.

Redemption Body Scrub, Aesop, $53.

Body Scrub, Biossance, $38.

Resurfacing Body Serum, Tata Harper, $209.