Behind the Scenes: How to Create Pom Klementieff’s After-Dark Parisian Look

When it came to devising the perfect beauty look for Pom Klementieff‘s Chanel High Jewellery shoot for S/Volume, the French house’s national makeup artist for Canada, Julie Cusson, took inspiration from the location of the shoot: Mademoiselle Chanel’s iconic apartment on Rue Cambon. Here, Cusson reveals how she created the classic and dramatic look, and must-have products for the holiday season.

Take us through the look you created for Pom Klementieff.

“Pom Klementieff is a mysterious beauty. I wanted something elegant but modern because Pom is edgy and classic at the same time. I thought about Mademoiselle’s apartment and its iconic history and distinct aesthetic: textures, colours, patterns, objects. I couldn’t leave Pom just natural looking in this environment, so I created a look that emphasizes Pom’s eyes but in a way where there is more shadow play under the eyes, and natural on the upper part of the lid.”

How did shooting in Coco Chanel’s iconic apartment inspire the beauty direction?

“I had the chance to be in Coco Chanel’s apartment three times, and every visit was a precious moment. The fact that you can sit in Coco Chanel’s chair, you can touch her iconic objects, it transports you into Mademoiselle’s life—the feeling is incredible. Also, before entering the apartment, you need to walk up the famous steps with the kaleidoscope mirrors, and in a way, you’re being told that something special and unique is waiting for you. I think my inspiration is evident: a black eye shadow would be too simple, too traditional, so I chose a matte midnight blue for Pom’s eye makeup.

What are the must-have products you used to create this look?  


“First, highlight and correct the skin with Palette Essentielle. Then apply Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer to smooth and enhance the complexion naturally.”


“The gaze is key to this look. Use Stylo Ombre et Contour in Bleu Nuit N°02 to underline the eyes and coat the bottom and upper lashes with Le Volume Révolution de CHANEL in Noir N°10 to create spectacular and extreme lashes.”

“Because the skin is luminous, create the perfect balance with soft and satiny lips by applying Rouge Allure Ink in Serenity N°168.

Creating a smokey eye can be challenging for a lot of women. Any tricks or secrets on how to achieve the look in an elegant way?

“Choose a sheer texture to work with around the eyes. A sheer eye shadow can be easier to work with and can be less dramatic if you are not used to it. For the classic smokey eyes, when you apply the eye shadow, don’t go further than the crease on the lid. This will avoid a lot of ‘faux pas’. And don’t forget to maximize the waterline; with a pen apply the same shade on the waterline. On a smokey eye, the effect will instantly be mysterious and strong.”

If there’s two products women should have in their holiday makeup kit, what would they be?

“Complexion is the key and bold lips are so powerful, sexy, and strong for this time of the year. For me, the two makeup products women should have in their makeup bag are Le Lion de CHANEL, an exclusive gold highlighter that brings a golden iridescent illumination to the skin.”

The lipstick Rouge Allure Velvet N°5 is the perfect matte colour to wear during holidays and the texture is very comfortable on lips, plus the red colour is spot on!”