Witness Bizarrely Fascinating Art at Galerie Robertson Arès

Montréal’s Galerie Robertson Arès is showcasing an array of peculiar artworks in its newly opened exhibition, entitled “ALT.” Featuring numerous artists from around the world, this group effort redefines a viewer’s perception of the real and the imaginary with an array of bizarre yet creative output. From paintings and sculptures to illustrations and video games, this multimedia affair traverses several forms of visual expression with an enthralling adroitness.

The talent on display includes Australian sculptor Troy Emery, who works primarily with textiles to create otherwordly animal creatures that are extremely tactile. The narrative surrounding Emery’s oeuvre examines the portrait within the fine arts and craft tradition, as well as animals—both as pieces of decoration and as manifestations of ecological ruination.

Sydney Blum and Laura Payne are also featured, with the former’s playful and vibrant sculptures draw inspiration from phenomena like colour vibrations and light oscillations, while the latter reconfigures the two dimensional picture plane in an effort to bring viewers closer to a hyperreal dimension beyond traditional perception.

ALT” is on view at Galerie Robertson Arès until 6th August 2022.