Why You Need This State of the Art Purifying Fan

First came smarter-than-you, bag-less vacuum cleaners, silent fans, and ultra-fast hair dryers. Now, Dyson has recently launched yet another cutting-edge innovation, the new Pure Cool air purifier. This attractive unit improves on its first-gen predecessor with a fully sealed filtration system made of carbon and glass that’s capable of capturing 99.97 percent of ultra-fine allergens and pollutants (as small as 0.3 microns to be exact), as well as pesky dust and household odours. The 350⁰ degree oscillation system is also designed with Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier technology that works overtime to circulate and push leaned-up air to every corner of your room.

Available in two models (the larger, oval-shaped TP04 floor “tower” and smaller, circular DP04 for worktops and floors), the second-generation Pure Cool is complete with a new LCD multi-sensor display that continuously monitors indoor air quality and displays real-time reports from the front panel or, better yet, from the convenience of the Dyson Link app, meaning, yes, this striking smart device can easily connect to your Wi-Fi network. Bonus: the Dyson Link app enables you to monitor how well your indoor air quality is compared to what things are link outside, plus track how many hours of filter life you have left before needing a replacement filter.

A fan of reliable, low-maintenance devices? If you’re one who enjoys consistently running an air purifier for up to twelve hours a day, Dyson promises the Pure Cool filter system will last you up to one full year—although, most households won’t need to run this genius device that much to reap all its clean-air benefits.

The Dyson Pure Cool Tower fan ($649.99) and Desk fan ($549.99) are available at dysoncanada.ca.