Transform Your Shower With ThermaSol’s Digital Technology

In the 1950s, ThermaSol invented the first steam shower generator, and since then the company has continued to introduce new cutting-edge innovations. In 2008, the company’s CEO Mitch Altman called a meeting with his team to hatch a plan that would make a splash to celebrate 50 successful years in business. A light went off in Scott Sharitz’ mind (Thermasol’s director of engineering), and he realized that since the rest of the world was moving towards digital technology, it was time for ThermaSol to follow suit, with a digital shower system.

ThermaSol completely revamped their company, by replacing older analog technology with CAN-bus digital tech, and today, all of ThermaSol’s products operate digitally. The transformation made such an impact that Jari Ristola, the president of ThermaSol, said the move was like “going from black and white TV to HD colour TV.”


The ThermaSol shower system connects to an app on your smartphone that lets you customize your at-home shower experience, transforming it into something you might find at a luxurious spa. The app lets you control basic functions like temperature and steam, but adds in an integrated chromotherapy system (a therapeutic feature that uses colour theory to create a relaxing environment) and allows you to stream music from your phone over the sound system.

And tech-savvy isn’t ThermaSol’s only benefit. The brand takes pride in being ecologically conscious. “Living in California, you understand that water conservation is of utmost importance,” says Ristola, adding that “many people don’t realize that a steam shower uses considerably less water than a traditional shower.” While a steam generator uses approximately one gallon of water in 15 minutes, a traditional shower head typically uses approximately two gallons of water per minute.

According to Ristola, ThermaSol is still the only shower company to have invested in this kind of digital technology. “You might say we’re rather obsessed with holding our leadership position within the category,” she says.


For more information, visit thermasol.com.