The Art Gallery of Ontario’s New Exhibition Puts the Artistry and Musings of Leonard Cohen on Display

The Art Gallery of Ontario puts the artistry and musings of creative tour-de-force Leonard Cohen on display in the exhibition “Everybody Knows”. Curated by Julian Cox, the AGO’s deputy director and chief curator, the exhibition will demonstrate not only the breadth of his achievements, but also his many influences and cultural impact. Through more than 200 rarely-seen, photographs, drawings, journals, letters, self-portraits, artworks, and objects each visitor will be transported into Leonard Cohen’s world, shining light on his multifaceted creativity. Born and educated in Montreal, Cohen was a poet, novelist, singer, songwriter, painter, and photographer whose creative career spanned multiple decades. He has achieved cultural and critical acclaim for his work and is the only Canadian to have received both a Governor General’s Award for Poetry and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“Everybody Knows” is on view at the Art Gallery of Ontario starting December 7, 2022.

View the gallery to see artworks from the exhibition. Photos courtesy of The Art Gallery of Ontario. ©Leonard Cohen Family Trust.