Take a Peek into this Picturesque French Villa

Nestled in a lush vineyard in the South of France is a stunning, newly designed residential villa. The 10-thousand-square-foot home was furnished by the interior design firm Taylor Howes as a restful, holiday retreat for a London-based family. And restful it is. Surrounded by fragrant fields of lavender, a tennis court, and a refreshing pool, the villa is a luxurious slice of heaven.

Outside, the rustic stone structure is complimented by mint-hued window shutters and a sandy-toned, shingled roof. The fresh and crisp interior was designed with the mood of the Mediterranean in mind, and playful elements such as ceramic fish-shaped plates hanging on the wall, sailboat statuettes, and seashell paintings offer a dash of the nautical. Pops of pastel colours blend in with the array of minimalist fixtures and furniture, and lightweight textiles like linen maintain the airy atmosphere. From the impressive staircase leading into the home to the comfortable living spaces, and all the way outside to the scenic terrace view overlooking a swimming pool complete with a tumbling waterfall, this house is sure to impress any design aficionado. Happy browsing!