Glimpse Inside This Ultra-Luxe Victorian Apartment

For twenty years, London-based Shalini Misra has been lending her eye for fine design to clients and projects around the globe, creating bespoke living spaces and developing luxury properties. The latest project to be added to her portfolio is a 2,355-square-foot Victorian apartment nestled in London’s Mayfair neighbourhood. And we can’t get enough of it.

South Audley St. Apartment was designed to retain original elements like the classic fireplace, but has updates such as layered lighting that works to enhance certain moods at certain times of day—one of the common threads that Shalini brings to all her design endeavours is to create a space that stimulates the senses by playing with lighting. Rich, dark oak and lustrous, marble surfaces and contemporary furniture are complimented with vibrant, handpicked, original artwork on the walls. And as in all her work that we’ve seen to date, Shalini has brought together her love of design, culture, and art to create a living space that is sure to make some lucky lady (or lad) a happy homeowner.