Letter From the Editor: In the Trenches

There’s a cozy feeling that creeps in right around this time of year in anticipation of fall—one that calls for a wardrobe reshuffle, Twin Peaks, and the reintroduction of layers for the colder seasons ahead.

As someone who is in constant pursuit of timeless classics, I’ve found the search for the perfect trench coat has been somewhat of a challenge. And it’s not because there’s a shortage of options. There is, however, a certain shade of beige that’s ingrained in my mind as being the ideal colour, as well as a specific fit that is even harder to find.

This past March, after not shopping in person for a long time, I ventured out to do some browsing, which eventually led me to a store in Toronto well-stocked with coats—specifically trench coats.

Skimming through their rack, I stumbled upon a trench coat that looked promising. As I examined it, it checked a lot of boxes I was searching for: medium-hued beige, oversized and slouchy, and ankle-length, with the potential to look as good wrinkly as it does freshly pressed. It also wasn’t double-breasted like most classic trench coats, which piqued my desire to make it mine. Since it was an investment piece, I practised one of my cardinal rules of shopping and gave myself 24 hours to see if I really needed it—and I did.

As you discover our latest issue, I hope you’re encouraged to curate a wardrobe that is intentional, one that fulfills you and brings you inspiration. Whether you’re looking to streamline your fall ensembles with pared-back essentials or go the maximalist route, there is an abundance of fashion to be excited for.