International Women’s Day: In Conversation With 3 Inspiring Canadians

In continuing our celebration of International Women’s Day, we are spotlighting another group of noteworthy women. Encompassing the industries of textiles, beauty, and modelling, each individual has #ChoseToChallenge their respective fields while inspiring others to do the same. Read on to learn what this particular day means to them.

Rachel Romu, Model

Photography by Jason Brown

“In celebrating the incredible leaders who have fought tirelessly (and continue to) for women’s liberation, I recognize the inaccessibility of that same liberty for disabled women and gendered minorities, and how ableism is a form of violence against women that remains unchecked. The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the gaps in social support for people with disabilities, so as our elected officials debate Bill C-7 (regarding Medical Assistance in Dying), it’s essential to challenge the ways in which this amendment leverages existing inequality in our society. Without social and financial resources, many disabled people are not yet afforded the opportunity to live with dignity. Until they have that chance, this acts as eugenics, harming those who have only achieved equality on paper, but not yet in practice.”

Simone Otis, Makeup Artist

Photography by Malina Corpadean

“International Women’s Day for me is a day that I think about all the advances and challenges that women have overcome, while also acknowledging what more needs to be done. I love creating conversations and community for change and my aim is to always take up the challenge of uplifting girls and women. I’m personally working to narrow the generational beauty gap in advertising with the brand 19/99 Beauty, as well as championing the rights of models in our industry.”

Laura Nezri, Founder of Maison Tess

“International Women’s Day is proof that all women are capable of doing what they set their minds to. It’s a day to look around and see that eventually, we don’t need a women’s day because we are all equals. Many of us share day-to-day responsibilities with our spouses, from children to working, the tasks are more divided, and this gives us the freedom we need to dream big. I gave myself the gift of wanting it all a long time ago—a loving spouse, kids, a business, and a good time.”

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