Cover Star Alexa Chung’s Standout Fashion & Beauty Moments

Spring cover star and accomplished style sensation, Alexa Chung, has perfected her Instagram presence with a tasteful balance of fashion, beauty and her charming disposition. The creative director and Next in Fashion co-host consistently displays her multifaceted persona on the social media platform—playing Tetris with a glowing complexion, fashion-forward #ootds, a masterful selection of pop culture stills, and cheeky day-to-day moments. S/ has deep-dived into Chung’s personal Instagram account to showcase a selection of stunning fashion and beauty moments that reflect her irresistible quirkiness.

Soirée Lips

Self-Represent! At the MET Gala, Of Course

#WorkFromHome But Make It Fashion

Iconic Behaviour

Winter In The Park


Prop Master

Too Relatable

Haute Natural

Pool-Side Babe