5 Instagram Recipes You Can Try At Home This Fall

As with many events and holidays during this tumultuous year, Thanksgiving is somewhat up in the air. It’s unlikely that the usual large family gatherings will occur, but thankfully there’s no excuse needed to cook an indulgent meal this month. With a wealth of chefs posting their seasonal recipes online, there’s a lot to try. Whether you’re planning an actual Thanksgiving celebration or you’re just looking to ring in autumn with some seasonal fare, check out these five tasty Instagram recipes.

For The Health Nut

To keep those successfully managing their Covid diet happy, try swapping out regular dried-bread croutons in favour of these barbecue-flavoured sweet potatoes. It will add a smokey, sweet depth to whatever you include them in without carbo-loading. Not only are they a great addition to a salad, but they can also be served on their own as a side.


For The Vegan

Instead of forcing yet another Tofurkey on your vegan relatives, try something both simple and delicious. Portobello mushroom caps provide a meaty, juicy texture and can take on the flavours of whatever you choose to marinade them in. This recipe calls for rosemary and vegan butter that will pair perfectly with any Thanksgiving side.


For The Meat Lover

Looking to shake up the usual turkey approach to Thanksgiving? Your meat-loving family members will adore these braised short ribs. They’re ideal with gravy and a hefty serving of mashed potatoes.


For Gluten Free

It can be hard to find gluten free recipes that don’t taste painfully gluten free (read: dry), but the light crust on these mini strawberry crisps will satisfy even the pickiest dessert eater. The strawberries can also be swapped for any seasonal fruit, such as apples or pears to capture that fall-harvest feel.


For Dessert

If you’re sick of the pumpkin-spice-everything movement that occurs each autumn, try a different, distinctly Canadian option for dessert. Canadian maple sugar pie is a delightfully indulgent Quebecois classic that will round off any meal with a bang.