Vogue Vs. Bloggers, Kit Vs. Ace, and More

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This is The S/ List.

1. A handful of Vogue editors discuss Milan Fashion Week, and their distaste for bloggers.

“It’s not just sad for the women who preen for the cameras in borrowed clothes, it’s distressing, as well, to watch so many brands participate.”

2. And the blogosphere has responded to their criticism.

“A recent Vogue.com article that takes on the industry’s well-known penchant for bloggers warrants a bit of attention, if for no reason other than the fact that it sorely lacks context.”

3. Vancouver-based brand, Kit and Ace, is headed for dark times following the news of 56 lay offs and the exit of the company’s co-founder, JJ Wilson.

“Yesterday, Kit and Ace cleared its throat, fiddled nervously with its hands, and tried to put on a brave face as it made a curious announcement. It would be laying off 20 percent of its head office staff of 280; it would be closing a quarter of its stores over the next two years; and last, but certainly not least, Big Papa Wilson would be taking over from there on out.”

4. Snapchat has joined in on the wearable technology fun, and it’s pretty cool.

“The snap ‘spectacles‘ look like a pair of ordinary sunglasses, but pack one of the world’s smallest wireless video cameras into its frames.”

5. Refinery29 is on a mission to destroy unconscious bias.

“The plus-size woman is not the exception but the average, and we intend to represent her as such going forward. And we’re beginning this initiative with a bang: This week, 67% of our imagery will feature women size 14 and above.”