Tiffany & Co. Celebrates 130 Years of the Tiffany Setting

Charles Lewis Tiffany’s symbol of everlasting love really is timeless as the world’s most iconic engagement ring, the Tiffany Setting, celebrates its 130th Anniversary this year. The six-pronged setting that once shocked the world by displaying a diamond in its full-faceted glory (the norm at the time would only display its top) is now the highest standard of which a proposer can bestow upon their proposee. To celebrate this milestone, Tiffany & Co. has released not one, but two new editions of the iconic ring.

The first of the anniversary offerings features a single diamond in the classic Tiffany Setting with 18-karat rose gold. Simple and feminine, the rose gold brings a modern edge to the age-old setting. The second is a dazzling limited edition platinum wedding band and engagement ring set encrusted with hundreds of pavé diamonds. And the limited edition Pavé Tiffany Setting is truly exclusive; only 130 rings have been created for the occasion.

These anniversary edition rings will be available at select Ti­ffany & Co. stores around the world in September. Pre-orders will be accepted May through August. For more information visit tiffany.ca