This Phone Has a Built-in Makeup Filter

First, there were appearance-altering photo editing apps. Then, there was Snapchat’s “pretty filter.” And now, a new cutting-edge phone has a makeup filter built right in, taking your selfie game to whole other level. The much anticipated HTC10 is all kinds of advanced, with a number of notable features, but if we’re honest, it was the phone’s futuristic selfie-cam that we couldn’t believe.

As front-facing cameras have become a necessity in smartphones, HTC has upped the ante with an adjustable “makeup filter” that allows you to control how much help your photos will get. The program can subtly blur your features, and make dark marks, blemishes, and under-eye bags fade away. So, if you thought (or hoped) that The Selfie was dying… don’t hold your breath.

Photo by Daniel C. Sims/Getty Images