The Key to Weight Loss, Clear Skin and Health is in your Teapot

If you have ever suffered through a juice cleanse—the cravings, the mood swings— a tea cleanse, also known as a teatox, could better suit your needs.

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water, so to call it a trend is an understatement. The thirst-quencher also happens to be one of the healthiest. From just-launched online tea boutiques to veteran stores like David’s Tea, there are hundreds of tea variations that each promise to heal or improve an array of ailments, naturally.

As a tea junkie, I decided to try a 28-day teatox from TinyTea to see what all of the hype is about. Their program is meant to remove toxins from the body and get rid of backup in the gut. Half an hour before each meal, you drink a mug full of the concoction. This continues over the course of 28 days. The taste is a bit bitter, but it’s a means to an end, and it was definitely worthwhile.

According to Steph Wakefield, co-founder of YourTea.com, TinyTea works by nourishing the digestive system. “If the digestive system is depleted or run down (i.e., you’re experiencing bloating, weight gain, poor skin, lethargy) then the body struggles to digest all food—the good and the bad,” she says. By going on a teatox, Wakefield explains that you will notice an improvement in your skin’s appearance, a loss of excess weight due to stagnant food in the intestines, improved energy levels and an overall heightened sense of well-being.

It seems that no matter what you’re looking to improve—digestive system, mood, skin, menstrual cramps—there’s a tea that can help. Certified tea sommelier and founder of Tease Tea, an online tea boutique specializing in bespoke loose-leaf blends, Sheena Brady has one pick to recommend no matter what your end goal is. “We have a tea to prescribe and pair up with any need,” says Brady. Many tea stores, including Brady’s and Wakefield’s, are offering similar custom-made tea regimes. You present your list of ailments and end goals, and a personalized amalgamation of leaves and natural ingredients is crafted just for you.

Brady says the rise of this trend is due to the fact that people realize diet fads and quick fixes don’t work or are unhealthy. Thankfully, something as simple as sipping tea with each meal can allow the body to absorb key ingredients. “A good teatox can help speed up your metabolism (which assists in weight loss by burning calories faster), get rid of unnecessary water weight and bloating, and give you a wonderful energy boost without the negative effects you can experience with coffee,” says Brady.

It’s like applying moisturizer or working out; you won’t see or feel the benefits of tea if you only drink a single cup every now and then. It needs to become a part of your lifestyle. So, grab an elegant to-go cup, a variety of teas to keep in your arsenal and sip your way to improved health without moving an inch.