S/ Was There: Testing the Apple iPhone 11 in New York City

Today marks the official release of Apple‘s iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. With each new iPhone comes the excitement of exploring its new features. For Apple’s latest drop, the focus was on the elevated camera, making it the highest quality video in a smartphone. What better place to test out the latest camera features than in the bright, diverse, and always exciting streets of New York City.

The triple-camera system comes with an ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto lens, coming together to create a pro-level camera inside your iPhone. Using scenarios such as a basketball game or breakdancers shows the ability of capturing the quick movement in pristine condition.

Aside from imagery, the angles also work in the 4K videos along with video stabilization for any fast pace shots, allowing for quick-shot videos enabled by holding down the camera and automatically switching modes. To test the wide and ultra-wide angles of the different lenses, we visited the interior and exterior of the Oculus building, which has many architectural aspects that can now be shot in distinct ways.

The night mode turns on automatically in dark scenarios, making it possible to still get a perfect image that shows off colour better than the eye can see in a dark space without the harshness of a flash. We tested the feature out at Peachy’s, a dark bar made darker with one candle light guiding us around, where the photos uncovered bold wallpaper and brightly coloured flowers.

Updated features can be seen in portrait mode with capabilities of shooting multiple people in one shot, getting an adorable pet photo, or getting the perfect foodie shot. Other updated features include improved water resistance and the toughest glass yet, making the phones as close to foolproof as they can get.

View the gallery for a look at the latest innovative features in action. Taken on a mix of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, now available Apple Store or apple.com