Great Gifts for the Wee Ones

infants and newborn gift ideas


When purchasing a gift for a brand new baby, timeless items like these heirloom-worthy items are smart investments that will be cherished once the baby is grown. This beautifully crafted sterling silver sheep rattle by Cunill ($321) makes a beautiful gift, as will a silver flatware set like Christofle‘s adorable pair ($391) or a classic sterling silver brush and comb duo ($239).


Babies gift guide


For babies a wee bit older, an adorable moto onesie ($161) will keep them cozy and warm, and so will a snuggly blanket like the Agua Baby Collection Patchwork Blanket ($251) made from squares of fabric cut from repurposed vintage cashmere sweaters. Plus, it’s a thoughtful, luxurious, and environmentally conscious pick. Gucci’s beautiful baby dress ($600) is ideal for holiday photos, while a pair of handmade hangers ($75) with ribbon detailing will keep the best-dressed baby’s wardrobe in check. A fantastic gift for baby, that’s really for the parents, is a top-of-the-line stroller like the Bugaboo Runner, a heavy-duty carriage made especially for jogging.


toddlers gift guide


As babies turn into toddlers, indulge their curiosity with fun gifts they can play with—bonus points if a smart design will thrill the parents, too. For the coolest kids on your list, this take on the traditional rocking horse—a rocking motorcycle—has that element of surprise to make it the most amazing gift you’ll give this year. For the aspiring chef, a butterfly kitchen ($415) made from oil-finished Beech and linden wood is a traditional take on today’s typical toy kitchen. Keep little toes cozy while at play, with Gucci’s “Driving Dandy” leather moccasins ($272); a suitable pick for a boy or girl for a versatile holiday gift. A giraffe-themed ceramic lamp ($386) will beautifully brighten a pre-schooler’s room, and is neutral enough to suit just about any toddler’s room.


gift ideas for kids


As they grow, and they grow, toys and games that get them active—in body or mind—are they ones they’ll remember. A monogrammable kitchen apron ($69) complete with tools for mixing and rolling will get them interested and active in the kitchen. It’s a great gift for boys or girls, has a personalized touch, and works just as well with Playdough for use outside of the kitchen. For a sports-loving child (or one with the parental influence to make the possibility likely), try a handmade baseball bat from Mitchell’s Bat Co. ($342). Whether it’s used for play or décor, you’ll feel good about this gift. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase helps the MLB revive baseball in inner-city communities. Encourage fun family time with a classic game like this exquisite Mancala game ($90). It’s great fun and helps family to connect over the holidays, and it’s another gift to feel good about. Ten Thousand Villages, a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, has brought this game to us, through a mission to give artisans in developing countries a way to sell their works internationally and earn sustainable incomes. When it’s time for bed, or an afternoon nap, Ööloom’s Owl sleep mask ($37) is soft, and blocks out the light so they’ll get a good rest in their own comfy beds, while visiting relatives, and even on the road during holiday travels.

Price points for items sold outside of Canada have been adjusted to reflect an approximate value in $CAD, as determined by the exchange rate at the time of publication.