FLOTUS Fires Up The DNC, Beyoncé Is Not a Pokémon, and More

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This is the S/ List.

1. Michelle Obama brought the house down with an electric address at the Democratic National Convention.

“‘I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. And I watch my daughters—two beautiful, intelligent black young women—playing with their dogs on the White House lawn.'”

2. Kylie Jenner has expanded her empire with the addition of an eyeshadow palette. 

“Given that Jenner says this one is the “first launch,” it’s safe to assume that some additional Kyshadow palettes are forthcoming. But for now, we’ll be over here, rolling our eyes at the name of it (and, fine, also trying like hell to get our hands on one).”

3. Even Beyoncé can’t keep the Pokémon craze at bay.

“When attending a Beyoncé concert, there are a few things every fan must do: use your full lung capacity to shout every lyric, cry whenever Yoncé glances in your direction and shelve your goddamn Pokémon Go addiction for a few hours.”

4. Rihanna has opened a Rihanna shrine pop-up shop in Paris.

“This isn’t the first time a high-end boutique has stocked an artist’s tour merch though – in May, Justin Bieber launched his Purpose threads at a similar pop-up at VFiles in New York. This, like Rihanna’s pop-up at Colette, perhaps signals the entry of merch into a more legitimate fashion context.”

5. LVMH says goodbye to DKNY.

“In acquiring DKNY, G-III is paying $650 million for the troubled brand. That’s not much more than the $643 million that LVMH paid for the company in 2001.”