Enjoy the Sun and Surf in Punta Mita

Nestled in the charming fishing village of Punta Mita is a posh Four Seasons resort, that offers an elusive balance of a luxury accommodation that still allows for an authentic experience of the local customs and Mexican culture. The property is seated on acres of white sandy beaches with turquoise waves that make for great surfing. Nearby, you’ll find both lush, exotic greenery and clean, sprawling golf courses.


Snorkelling, sailing, fishing and scuba diving in the crystalline water make for an entirely non-boring repose, but if you’re looking for relaxation, the resort’s spa should melt away any lingering city worries. Here, you’ll wake up to stunning views of an endless blue horizon, with nothing on your to-do list other than tucking into that novel you’ve been waiting to read. And you’ll read it wile lounging in your very own hammock, also supplied by the resort.


The Four Seasons has joined forces with VITA Planning and Landscape Architecture Inc., a California-based design firm, to revamp the resort’s two private beaches. Swinging day beds and floating lounge pods now dot the beaches, and a rustic surf shack bar offers guests a choice of cocktails to sip on while they warm up by the tiki torches and fire pits.


The resort has recently launched an exclusive beer named “Cora,” which tastes delicious when paired with the Kumai oysters or with the coconut fish ceviche. Brewed by Cerveceria Minerva, the signature beer has the smoothness of a lager, the character of an ale, and since it is matured in tequila barrels, a flavour that is truly distinct. The skull imagery is an homage to Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday that celebrates the memories of the dead.


Bottoms up! It’s time to start planning a vacation.