4 Apps We Can’t Get Enough Of

If the only apps on your phone are Facebook and Instagram, it’s time to branch into new territory. The app world is constantly introducing innovative new apps that do it all. Some make light work of our daily tasks, while others offer services and experiences we didn’t even know we needed.

Here are a few of our favourite newcomers—we know you’ll love them too.



Take your dinner to the next level. Pass The Table turns “Where should we eat tonight?” into an interactive adventure. Smartphone users download the app to their device and are presented with a roster of upcoming one- of-a-kind culinary happenings. Each menu is developed specifically for Pass The Table, which has an extensive network of chefs and venues, offering guests a meal they normally wouldn’t experience, set inside unique, often- exclusive locations. Though the app’s dining excursions are currently focused in Toronto and the GTA, there are plans to expand in 2016. Passthetable.com.



Already the reigning queen of e-commerce, it seems appropriate that Net-a-Porter would be at the helm of retail’s move into the realm of social media. The Net Set is an app (available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) that allows shoppers, designers and style influencers to interact. Users can upload and share snapshots of their latest sartorial finds, create shopping wish lists and comment on each other’s fashionable finds. Available for download at the Apple app store.



If you struggle to keep a plant alive for more than a few days, Parrot’s Flower Power device is your new sidekick. Nestle the gadget into the dirt and it will send regular memos directly to your smartphone, monitoring your plant and updating you on its soil moisture, fertilizer needs, ambient temperature and light intensity. Parrot’s Flower Power, $60, with app available on the Apple app store.



This app is a major time saver for those who have trouble picking out an outfit. Stylebook has your whole closet in the palm of your hand. Take a picture of your clothes and then mix and match away (think Cher’s computer program from Clueless, but for your phone). Now, you can plan all your outfits for the whole week with ease. Available for download at the Apple app store. 

With contributions by Gabrielle DelRosario, Lisa Felepchuk and Sienna Vittoria Lee-Coughlin.