How To Prep Summer Skin For The Arrival of Fall

As the autumn breeze replaces the warmth of summer, it’s the perfect time to revamp not just your wardrobe, but also your skincare regmine. The shift in seasons calls for a refreshed approach, placing a spotlight on hydration. Here, we share the best ways to transition your beauty routine as we transition from summer to fall.

Amp Up Antioxidants

Infuse your skincare routine with antioxidants to combat free radicals and environmental stressors. Seek out serums enriched with vitamins C for a lasting youthful glow.

C-Firma Fresh Day Serum C, Drunk Elephant, $103.

Bring Life To Your Complexion

Enriched with concentrated red camellia oil extract, the N°1 de CHANEL Sérum offers more than just constant hydration. It also delivers a plumping effect that celebrates the natural resilience of your skin.

N°1 de Chanel Revitalizing Serum, CHANEL, $260.

Continue Using Sunscreen

Despite the cooler temperatures, don’t be deceived – UV rays are still present. Keep using a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin and reinforce its moisture barrier.

Hydra Vizor Broad Spectrum Mineral SPF Moisturizer, Fenty Beauty, $58.

Mask Up

Natural ingredients including white clay, oat butter, avocado oil, and turmeric, work great together in this formula to soothe, hydrate, and provide relief to your skin when its most vulnerable.

Turmeric Mask, Dans un Jardin, $25.

Lock in Moisture

Seal in the goodness with a protective layer. Incorporate a high-quality facial oil to act as a barrier against chilly winds and temperature drops.

HydraBarrier Nourishing Face Oil, Ole Henriksen, $75.

Body Needs Love Love Too

Don’t forget body care. Crafted for year-round usage, this hydrating lip, body, and hand balm rejuvenates dry skin with 95 percent natural-origin elements.

Le Baume, Dior, $75.